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Do you hear voices?

Sometimes when I start to write a blog, I worry that people may think I’m crazy, and in some ways, I guess I am. After all, I do hear voices.

Wait! Don’t leave, hear me out… If you are an author, you understand this hopefully, and if you are an avid reader on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably heard this too. If you are just a random passerby, please let me know how you found this blog.

Anyway, I don’t hear audible voices, but yes, I honestly feel as if my characters take on a life of their own. I try to write three hours every morning, and then right before I go to bed, I reread everything I wrote that morning, highlighting any errors or editing needs. Yes, this is a great way to edit as you go, but also, those two or three chapters I read right before I go to bed play out in my dreams now. Just as a movie you just watched will play out in your head, now your last scene is left hanging for the characters to come alive.

Does that sound crazy? Well, it gets better, and I actually made the mistake of mentioning this to my non-fiction writing husband—I guess his characters don’t talk to him. So there I was writing a scene yesterday—that I had thought about the previous night, so I knew exactly what I was going to write. My male protagonist was very definitive of what he wanted the female protagonist to do. In fact, he gave her explicit direction. So she walked off as he’d requested, but at the last second, she turned around and did exactly what he—okayI told her not to do. Really! I had no idea. But the next thing I know, my fingers are typing a different outcome, and then the crowd around her cheered.

All right, so now you’re looking for that straitjacket. I’ll give you a hint; it’s pink. And my best friend in writing, MJ Kane, will be laughing right along with me because we've already discussed this, and hers is purple.

Until next time, happy reading!


Thank you for stopping by my place and reading my musings. Remember, these are just my opinions and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. If you have questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section, and I promise you I will answer.  If you’re curious about what I write, please visit one of my author pages, where you can read all about my novels and short stories. And hey, I’ll even give you a free book just for stopping by.

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  1. LOL! This is so the conversation we had yesterday!!! My book three characters have been talking to me all night. It's time to start writing their story and you know how I do, love scenes always seem to come first! Don't ask me why. Since last night - they should be exhausted by now - it's been which one works best. Then, I start at the beginning and write how they got there. Hey Carmen, do you think they'll let us share a padded room? Pink and purple go compliment each other!

    1. LOL! Probably not. Make sure you have coffee before you write those scenes, MJ. It sounds as though it was an exhausting night. :)

  2. My name is Cheryl, and I hear voices, too. I am comforted to know others suffer this affliction! LOL

  3. I take medicine so I don't hear voices, LOL! They still speak when I'm writing. Or just before I start. Some people dream their books/scenes/characters but not me. They live right in front of me on the screen.

    1. I think it's a necessity, P.I. As long as the drugs aren't hindering the creative juices, whatever works. LOL!

  4. At least I'm not the only one to hear the voices of inspiration. Loved this post. My husband will ask me if I'm on the phone when I'm working on my stories. He hears me carrying on a conversation, but what I'm doing is saying out loud the chatter between my characters to see if it sounds believabale.

    1. Haha, Marie! I understand! Today I had to physically act out a scene to make sure it was possible. Luckily my 15yo son is artistic and understands my craziness. He even allowed me to use him as a prop. :)

  5. Can I get a royal blue jacket? I love this! And totally understand. My non-reader husband just nods as eyes glaze over. Right now my secondary character is taking over my current book and I'm loving it...and have no idea where is going. And that's just fine because I fell in love with him and he can take me anywhere.

    1. Sure! We're taking orders. LOL!

      One of my characters talked themselves into another story too. My beta made me do it because she felt bad for them.

      Glad you enjoyed post; I figured writers could relate. :)


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