What if we could live our lives backward?

That was a real tweet.
But then I got to thinking…
I’m wrong!

There’s a reason we don’t start stories off with, “And they lived happily ever after.”

What fun would that be? 

If someone hand-carried you to the last day of your life and showed you your wonderful husband, your beautiful children and grandchildren, your successful career, and then said, "Happily ever after. See you in the next life.", you’d feel cheated.

"Hey, where are the arguments my husband and I got into that led to the fun making-up scenes? Where’s the memory of the pain I experienced bringing those beautiful children into this world, and the frustrations I dealt with during their teenage years when I thought I might lose them? Where’s the gratification I felt at climbing my way to the top of the corporate ladder at my employer where no other woman had been? Where’s my life? I want the good times and the bad stretches. I want to overcome the tragedies so that I know I’m alive. I want it all!"

There’s a reason I write what I call modern-day fairy tales. People don’t want to read about an un-flawed heroine, a picture-perfect hero, an unblemished life.  Face it; we love a train wreck. No, we don’t want real people to die. But there’s a reason there are hurricane parties. People crave excitement and adventure, and yes, they even want that un-tamable man who’s willing to fight to the death for the woman he now can no longer live without.

Or, at least I think so. If I’m wrong, don’t read my books because that’s what you’ll get. :)

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  1. Yeah, it would suck to miss the stuff in between 'the beginning' and 'the end', to miss the chance to have experiences that make us think, teach us write from wrong, and encourage us to grow into more than we ever imagined we could be. Give me a great beginning, and let me muddle my way through the 'in-between' any day!

  2. There is no happiness without all the bumps in the road. They're kind of inevitable and also what we are made of. Great post, filled with a lot of truth.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Elissaveta! I agree! Our trials are usually what make us who we are. Often, we are better people, who appreciate life more, when we live through those bumps in the road.