Book Review and Excerpt from UNFORGIVABLE by Tina Wainscott

Tina Wainscott, aka Jaime Rush, is one of those authors who once you read her novels, you will hunt down her others and read all of them until the bookstore runs out of them. Thank goodness for Kindle because that is exactly what happened.

Both bookstores nearby closed, so I tracked down her books in pre-owned book stores, and when they ran out, I contacted her and asked why she wasn’t available on Kindle. To my delight, she was working on it. I loved her books so much that when they came available, I downloaded them again. Yep, I’m an addict, but you already knew that if you read my blog.

So, here is my short and to the point review, since I talked Tina into giving us an excerpt from Unforgivable to share.

I loved the characters, the intrigue, the tension. The paranormal was good without being over the top. The author's description of the town and the people made you feel as if you were really there.

Excerpt from Unforgivable:

Silas turned to The Boss. “What’d you think of Katie, big guy? Pretty cute, huh?”
The dog let out a sigh, agreement if Silas ever heard it. 
Katie. Even though he hadn’t spoken with her in eighteen years, she’d been part of him for so long, he felt as though she somehow belonged to him. He had to remind himself that she didn’t. He couldn’t have her for himself, and that was something he’d accepted long ago. His reasons for coming back were purely unselfish.
The Boss snorted, as if to contradict him.
“Totally unselfish, my friend.”
He glanced at the place where he’d found Katie lurking. Good thing she hadn’t asked why he’d come back to town. He wasn’t prepared to tell her the truth or a lie. There were things he had to do first, one of them earning her trust. You couldn’t just throw this kind of thing at a woman the first time you’d seen her in years. 
Hi, Katie. You’re looking well.   Me, I’m fine.  By the way, someone wants to murder you in the most heinous way you can possibly imagine. And it’s someone you know.

Intriguing, huh? And don't you just love that he talks with his pup? Yeah, me too.

My rating: ★★★★★

Sensual Level: Spicy – Recommend for adults only, but nothing graphic)
Violence: Medium – Some scenes are adult only
Language: Similar to what you’d hear in a PG13 movie

Now the great news is Unforgivable is a current bestseller and is still only .99 cents through Amazon.

And for a limited time, Tina has priced her new release, Until the Day You Die, at only 2.99, so grab them both.

To connect with Tina, please visit one of her sites below:

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