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"Isn't that what all guys are?" Excerpt from ENTANGLED DREAMS:

This is just a teaser. If you missed the first few excerpts of Entangled Dreams, you can read the first three chapters here.

If you've been keeping up with Entangled Dreams, you know that our female protagonist, Alexandra Nicole "Nicky", has lost both of her parents and is in a worthless relationship. But she's trying…if she could just stop making mistakes!


She looked out the window and shook her head. “Maybe I’ll just catch a ride home with that new bartender I told you about. He seems to really like me.”
He frowned at her. “I thought you said he was a player.”
She shrugged. “Isn’t that what all guys are, Joe?”
“Nah. There are some good men out there, Nicky. You just gotta find them. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t hanging out in bars.”
Alexandra thought about Cameron again. She’d met him in a bar and he seemed like a nice guy. He wasn’t even drinking.
Joe pulled up in front of her work. She held the fare out for him, and he narrowed his eyes as he accepted it. “You be careful, girl.”
She smiled at the genuine concern on the old man’s face. Too bad none of the men in her life cared as much about her welfare as her taxi driver.
The bouncer shook his head, as he held the door open for her to enter. “Left you stranded again, huh?”
She nodded her answer, smiling at Robert for opening the door. “Thanks, Robert.” He was an enormous and scary looking man, but he was always such a gentleman. He’d asked her once if she wanted him to teach Jonathan a lesson on manners, but since he was a sheriff, it probably wouldn’t be good for his career, so she’d smiled and waved off the offer.
It was embarrassing that everyone knew her personal life. But how was she supposed to hide the fact that a taxi dropped her off and picked her up from work two to three nights a week.
“Hey, beautiful,” Brent called from behind the bar. He really was a hunk, but then again all the bartenders were good looking. She was pretty sure it was a prerequisite of the job.
She stepped up to the counter. “Was Gary ticked at me last night?”
Brent flashed his Hollywood smile, the one that earned him larger tips and a different woman every night if he wanted. “Yeah, but you know he won’t stay mad at you; you’re his favorite.” He leaned over the bar, as though he had secret information. “What’d Jonathan do this time? When you gonna dump that loser and come home with me?”
And there it was. What all men wanted. He didn’t ask her to go out with him or could he take her out for a romantic date. No, he just wanted to take her home. Unfortunately, she had to be diplomatic, so he’d stiffen the drinks she requested. She had regulars she had to keep happy too. The only difference was she didn’t sleep with her big spenders. “I might just take you up on that one of these evenings.”
His eyes brightened. “Anytime, Nicky. Anytime.”


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  1. Poor Nicky! It seems as if every man around her either wants something from her, or the ones you really care are too old! Pretty sure there are a lot of women who can relate! lol! Great sample! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, MJ. I appreciate the feedback. Yeah, I was hoping there were women who could relate to Alexandra's plight. Of course, she's still wondering if Cameron is a good guy, so we'll see.

  2. That really pulled me in! Very nice. I'm looking forward to more. :)

    1. Thank you, Donna. And thank you for the follow. I'm glad you enjoyed.

  3. Brent flashed his Hollywood smile, the one that earned him larger tips and a different woman every night if he wanted.

    I *know* this smile! What a terrific description. Good luck on the release. Enjoyed the glimpse into Alexandra's life.

  4. wow! Check out mines I'd love your input.

  5. She handled that really well. Great excerpt, Carmen!

  6. She has so many complications going on in her life! But she seems to be able to handle each one pretty smoothly - I like her. Excellent excerpt!


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