Book Review and Excerpt from THE FALL OF BILLY HITCHINGS by Kirkus MacGowan

In my effort to never give anything away, I simply try to tell you how I classify the story and why I liked it. And since I talked Kirkus into giving us an excerpt--that you won't find anywhere but the book--I didn't want to take up too much of your time.

Book Review:

I know the title is The Fall of Billy Hitchings, but John Reeves stole the show. He's not perfect, but what man is. But he was a mysterious man with a past who I wanted to know more about. So, Kirkus, get busy and give us a novel about John Reeves. Now back to Billy Hitchings. The story was different, and I'm having a difficult time classifying what genre it would fall under, but that's okay; I like almost all genres. It had action, adventure, thrills, mystery, and paranormal elements, but somehow, Mr. MacGowan brought them all together to make for an interesting read. The ending came as a surprise, and I found myself wanting more---again with that John guy. Anyway, if you like Indiana Jones meets Jason Bourne, this is your book. And since it's Kirkus' debut novel, I'll be expecting bigger and better things in the future.

Excerpt from The Fall of Billy Hitchings:  

Backing away from the corner, he took a deep breath. He took off in the opposite direction, staying behind the nearby house to block the sound of his footfalls. Adrenaline drove him now, the weariness from the long trip forgotten.

Running away felt different this time than in New York, probably because of the plates. The plates allowed him a way to fight back, even if he didn't understand how. He wouldn't be able to run forever. Kirkwall had at least four other men helping with the search. Eventually, they’d catch up, and Billy would make a stand.

But where do I make that stand? 

Okay, so that was just a teaser I know, but that's okay. Because , Billy Hitchings is only $2.99. Oh, and you know how I told Kirkus to write another story about John Reeves; he did! And it's available, so grab your copy of Wrath. That way as soon as you finish Billy Hitchings, you can jump right in.

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My rating: ★★★★★
Sensual Level: Mild - One adult situation

Violence: Mild - mostly action, nothing graphic
Language: Mild

Although all scenes were similar to what you’d see and hear in a PG13 movie, I would still state that this is an adult read. There are a couple instances of marijuana use also.

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