“Where do you think you’re running off to? Him? Never!” ~ Excerpt from ENTANGLED DREAMS:

If you've been keeping up with Entangled Dreams, you know that our female protagonist, Alexandra Nicole "Nicky", has had a very traumatic childhood and is in a worthless relationship. Now she's met a new man and isn't quite sure. She's tryingif she could just stop making mistakes!

Before you read, remember that I write more than just romance; I write romantic-suspense. Although there is some violence, I will never glorify an act. 


The force behind his assault propelled her body backward against the wall. She struggled to stand upright as she launched herself toward the front door. She managed to get the door open before he grabbed her, sending her plummeting to the walkway.
As she crawled across the concrete to the stairwell, he clawed at her bare legs, his nails digging into her flesh. She managed to disentangle herself from under his grasp, feeling the concrete scrape her naked knees. She struggled to stand again, but he subdued her with a stranglehold.
"Where do you think you’re running off to? Him? Never!"
He started dragging her backward into the apartment, and she kicked and struggled to free herself. Remembering a technique she’d learned as a child, she let herself collapse, deadweight in his arms. Once free, she darted toward her only escape. Just as she made it to the stairwell again, he grabbed her. But this time the force of his attack caused her to lose her balance, and she felt herself falling. The last thing she saw was him reaching out for her.

That was just a teaser, of course. If you missed the first few excerpts of Entangled Dreams, you can read the first three chapters here

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  1. Well done six...loved the fast pace!

  2. Powerful, I really felt the force and fright of the conflict and then the falling - wow! You write these action scenes so well - terrific six!

  3. Well written action sequence! It had my heart racing!