Jordan twirled her out once then pulled her back into his arms... Excerpt from SHE BELONGS TO ME:


“Shall we?” The question was rhetorical. Instead of waiting for an answer, Jordan twirled her out once then pulled her back into his arms as he lowered her gracefully into a dip, his strong arms secured around her.
The mime jumped up and down, clapping his hands noiselessly then proceeded to make a mock display as if tapping on a glass, beckoning them to kiss. Jordan obliged, and a cheer emerged from the surrounding crowd Jaynee hadn’t noticed had gathered. Jordan stepped back and bowed, pulling her with him.
“Jordan, you’re crazy.” She let out a laugh. “And a ham! Can we go?” she pleaded. Not accustomed to the spotlight, she could feel heat fill her cheeks.
“If you insist, my lady.” He waved the crowd off and pulled her to his side again.
Finally, they made their way to the room. Although it shouldn’t have taken her by surprise, she felt the wind rush out of her when he swung her up into his arms and carried her over the threshold of their suite. She hadn’t even noticed him open the door. 

According to readers, She Belongs to Me is a sensual and gripping read that will have you falling in love and wondering who you can trust right up to the last page.

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