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Do your characters whisper in your ear that you should cheat on your current characters?

Just write us for a little while. They’ll never know. You spend too much time with them anyway. They’re so needy. Their story is finished; come play with us.

Okay, so maybe I’m a little crazy. But if you’ve been reading my blog, you already knew that. I prefer to call it eccentric.

And more than just my characters calling to me is my (Adult) AADD. Yep, it exists, and I could probably write many more stories if I’d ask the doctor for drugs, but I hate to take medicine.

Anyway, case in pointwith that little bunny trail.

I have an iPhone app full of stories to write. Last count, twenty-two. You would think that not having an idea would be hard, but sometimes I think having too many ideas is more difficult. Even on a deadline, the other stories in my head insist on creeping into my conscious, whispering such nonsense that if I don’t write down their story, I’ll lose them forever.

And sometimes, I cave. Yes, I know I shouldn’t allow them to bully me around, but often my characters have very controlling personalities.

I have a daily quota of two thousand words to meet my ever-approaching deadline. Hey, Nicholas Sparks does it, so I know I can too. Please cheer me on, and more than anything, please keep me away from all distractions.

And some might say that writing this blog was a distraction, but I think of it as medicinal. Getting it off my chest, hoping other authors will rally around me and cheer me on, and ensure me that I’m not alone with this affliction.

And believe it or not, I do manage to get some of these characters out of my head and on paper.

You can read more about what I write and see my line up of bestselling romantic-suspense novels and mini-mysteries with a paranormal edge at these websites. And hey, I'll even give you a FREE book just for stopping by.

Until next time, happy reading!


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  1. You can do it! 2,000 words a day isn't too big of a deal. Think of it as roughly 2 hours of straight writing, or 4 half hour segments. Not so much in a long day :)Cheering for you.

    1. See...that's the kind of cheering I need. Now to stop liking funny images on Facebook and write. :)

  2. I am so with you on this one! While writing a series of books that are as much stand-alone novels as they are connected, I often have characters that appear in one book as a supporting character decide to bring me into their world and tell me what's going on over there...even if it's four books away! Case in point: in book two of The Butterfly Memoirs series, Jaded, you are introduced to Yasmine's brother, Brandon. I was editing a scene between the two of them, pulled up his reference pic to channel his voice, then all of a sudden, his eyes spoke to me. He is now book number 7, with a rough idea of what his goal and motivation would be, as well as what he's looking for in the perfect woman. I had no choice but to audio record that until I can put it on paper and file away.

    Carmen, I think our straight jackets got lost in the woods after our last escape from the facility.... :)

    1. You are too funny for words, MJ. So true. That is what happened. Little do the doctors know that we are free and selling books with our madness. Always good to know that you are not alone in your craziness.

      I like Yasmine's brother already. I'm glad he's getting a chance at a lead role, but now anxious that I have to wait through five books to see him. :)

  3. My story clip file (ideas for new stories) has 124 items in it! In addition, I have a few books that need to be finished, some that need to be rewritten, and the ones I am currently editing or getting ready for publication. I've been working on planning my NaNo novel and in November will focus solely on that. Well, mostly.

    1. Whew! And I thought I had a lot.

      I got tired just reading. :)

      Good luck!!!

  4. I loved this post! Thank you. And no you're not crazy! LOL


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