Thankful for a wonderful first year, avid readers! Wouldn’t be possible without you!

It’s been a wonderful year. Better than I could have imagined. After putting my dreams aside for almost twenty-five years, this community of avid readers and authors helped propel my dreams right onto the bestseller list.

My first novel, She Belongs to Me, is currently a romantic-suspense bestseller, and as my thanks, I will keep the price discounted for all my wonderful readers to give as a gift through Christmas.

And for all my friends who have already read all my novels or new readers who would like a free introduction, I wrote a mini mystery just for you.

So have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family this weekend, and when you need an escape, feel free to slip into one of my books. J

She Belongs to Me is available at:

In print at:

The Pit Stop
(This Stop Could be Life or Death)
is free in all these formats:

Available for .99 Cents at:

Thank you again, friends, for all you do. 
Until next time, happy reading! 

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