"I thought you’d finally sobered up." Excerpt ~ WHEN NOONDAY ENDS

When a new attorney accepts a case of a woman accused of attempted homicide, he finds himself entwined in age-old secrets and a family who will stop at nothing to conceal them—even murder.

If you haven’t and would prefer to read the full prologue first, along with the previous samples, click here. This excerpt takes place directly after last week’s, so you might want to…or go ahead. There aren’t any spoilers…just um…well, I’ll let you decide.


A hotel room. Oh, my God!
She jumped out of bed and was happy to see she still had clothes on. Not that it mattered since she’d chosen to wear the shortest skirt she owned last night.
“What on God’s great earth?” she screamed.
Tom bolted upright in bed. “What happened?” he asked, looking around the room.
“Where the hell are we?” she demanded.
He ran his hands through his hair. “Oh, boy. I should have known. I thought you’d finally sobered up.”
Shelby threw her hands over her face, as if that’d change the fact that she was in a hotel room with Tom. “Oh, God.

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  1. Exciting! It's always fun when the heroine doesn't know where she is when she wakes up :)

  2. Love this! You've hooked me...heading to Amazon.

  3. Oh I love the deep dark family secrets mixed with murder. She better watch who she wakes up with! Great snippet.

  4. Apparently she missed a few developments along the way - excellent excerpt, sure raises a lot of questions to keep us reading!

  5. Excellent, Carmen! Very believable action, love the deep POV, re: the shortest skirt...

    Nice job :-)

  6. Very interesting! Not a good way to wake up, LOL.

  7. Funny! I wonder if anything happened between them. I'm guessing not, but it's certainly possible.

  8. Bet it'll drive her crazy wondering if anything happened between them.

  9. Haha. Oh, this has happened to me before ;P Great hook. I definitely wanna find out if something did happen between them, and if she was too drunk to remember, I wonder how he'll react.

  10. Great snippet! Lots of questions I want answered...a sure way to keep me reading. :)