Authors! Why you should give away your books! Why you shouldn’t give away your books!

Okay, I’m a woman first, so you know how we can change our mind. Worse, how we can’t make up our mind. Or even better, not sure what we mean. But I digress... If you've been here, you know that. So let's get back on track.

I really do mean both!

Due to Amazon’s new rules, the days of massive book giveaways are diminishing, which is a good thing, believe me. This means there will be less book blogs promoting substantial amounts of free books, and it also means they will be selective of what they are advertising.

So, why should you give away your book?

Well, first of all, let me clarify that statement. If you have only one book with only a couple of reviews, don’t bother. Butif you have several books, and/or your first book has more than ten reviews with four-plus ratings, go for it!

Why would you give away your book after all your hard work?

Because you will reach past your Twitter and Facebook sphere to an entire world of readers, who--if you impress them with your first story--will want to gobble up your other books. Nowadays, readers are savvy. They know they have a choice, but no matter how cheap you price your book, you have to buy their time. If you can prove to them that you are worthy of the eight or ten hours they will spend reading your book, they may buy your next one. 

Obviously there’s a reason readers are paying up to $14.99 for an eBook. They are buying a NAME BRAND. So, it is up to you to enlighten them, to assure them that they can count on you for a pleasurable, well-written novel that is worthy of their time.

So, why shouldn’t you give away your book?

Sadly, readers are not as picky when it comes to free reads. Those in the know will often download a book without reading the book description or author profile, but simply download based on the word of other readers.

Why is this bad? you ask.

A reader who even pays $0.99 cents for a book will stop and check out the book before downloading. If they hate vampire stories, and you write about vampires, they’ll pass. But a free book may tempt that same reader, and then you could end up with a one-star review.

Want proof? I loved this three-star review because it taught me a valuable lesson. Now that Amazon has removed tags, it’s difficult for a reader to know the genre of the book. I suggest adding a quick blurb above your book description that gives readers an idea of what they are downloading.

So that’s it! Quick and simple, yes, it can benefit you to give away your book, but be careful that readers know what they are getting.

Ready for a free book? Make sure you read the description first, though. :)

I give away two short stories, as a gift to all readers, just to let them know my style of writing. From there, you can decide whether to go on to my other stories, which start at .99 cents. And no, my publisher never prices my books above $4.99, as we believe it is a fair price for an author who is starting out in the world, hoping readers will enjoy her stories.

Until next time, happy reading and writing, friends! 


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  1. Now I am very grateful that I received your first two books as gifts. I gobbled them up because you are an amazing author!!! I am waiting (sometimes patiently..other times not so patiently) on your next, "Split Decisions". The little snippets you have posted have me hooked way before the book has gotten into my hot little hands. Because of your generous heart, I found a new author and now I am a stalker!! hehehe, Love you Carmen!!!

  2. LOL, Terry! But I don't think you qualify as a stalker... I write about them, remember?

    'Split Decisions', as well as my three-book romantic-suspense with a paranormal edge this time, is coming soon. I also have the last book in the Nantahala Series to flesh out, and the third installment of the paranormal mini-mystery series I'm working on. Yes, I'm as addicted as my readers; I will often work on three projects simultaneously while I'm waiting for my characters' next demands to come charging into my subconscious--usually while I'm in the shower. :)

    Thank you for following me--and keeping me on track by telling me to get off Facebook. I love your type of stalking! <3