Forty. Yikes! That was part of her problem. It wasn't old for a man, but...

This is an excerpt for a follow up novel to the romantic-suspense bestseller, She Belongs to Me. Though there aren’t really any spoilers, you can bypass this sample and read more about the first book here.

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Forty. Yikes! That was part of her problem. It wasn’t old for a man, but she felt ancient. She was now older than her mother had been at her wedding, she thought wryly. The faded cream-colored dress trimmed with lace that her mother had worn that day had been outdated and old-fashioned. Deep worry lines had etched her perfect, always stage-ready face, making her mother appear older than she’d ever had.
Was that how she looked now? she fretted. Did she look as old as her mother had?
Gazing intently at her reflection in the mirror, she searched for new wrinkles. She had very few, thankfully. Her skin was light, but olive undertones made her appear younger than she was. Also, only a couple of gray hairs, something she’d inherited from her grandmother who’d passed away four years ago at age ninety-two. She plucked them out as soon as they reared their ugly heads, hoping she wouldn’t go bald in the process. Turning sideways, she inspected her body. She was still in good shape anyway. Her figure was petite and shapely, typical of her Portuguese heritage.
Warm arms surrounded her as she stood motionless, transfixed on her image. She glanced up at her husband’s face in the mirror, attempting a smile, hoping he wouldn’t perceive her despair.
“Mornin’, babe,” Jordan murmured, pressing his lips against her neck. “Why are you up? It’s Sunday. Freshen up and I’ll meet you back in bed.”

It was Sunday. How had she forgotten? Another symptom to add to old age, Alzheimer’s disease. Great! At least she wouldn’t remember turning forty if that happened.

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