#BOGO or if you prefer, #HOGO! New Romantic-Suspense coming soon; find out how to WIN yours!

BOGO means ‘Buy One Get One’, made famous by Payless Shoes, I believe. But as always, I like to live on the edge, so I’m going to take it one-step further, as well as reward my faithful readers.

So I’m adding HOGO: 'Have One Get One' FREE.

Split Decisions, the spin off to my romantic-suspense bestseller, She Belongs to Me, will be available in a couple of weeks. The only thing I want to know is what you liked about Book One. All you have to do is leave a comment in Raffle Copter and share via any of their options and you will be registered to win one of 25 copies of Split Decisions the day it releases.

So, if you haven’t read She Belongs to Me, your BOGO is only .99 cents for a chance at a $3.99 eBook FREE (That's a chance at two books for less than a buck). You can read more and find a link to download your copy below.

And my new term HOGO is for all my friends who already have a copy and want the next installment. Just skip to the Raffle Copter and enter for one of twenty-five copies of Split Decisions I’m going to give away the day it releases. 

Contest ends June 16th, so you have two weeks to play.

A tightly woven tale of love, possession, and concealed histories, She Belongs to Me follows a man who finds his wife unconscious, clinging to life. Was it a suicide attempt, or a sinister force from her former life?

Discover the truth is the sensual and gripping romantic-suspense bestseller that will have you wondering if you can trust anyone right up to the last page.

For more info or to download, click your favorite site:

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  1. Love this idea!!! You ROCK!!!

  2. Thank you. Terry! It is because of great readers like you that I run these promotions. I always want to make sure my favorite readers get a chance at a free copy the day it releases. :)

  3. Me too! I thought She Belongs To Me was a great book!

  4. Thank you, Ruthie! And with 25 winners, you have great odds of winning a copy the day it releases.