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In-between writing projects, M.J. Kane decided to revisit one of her favorite male characters, Zachariah Givens. She tells us that no matter how much you think you know your characters, they still find a way to surprise you. Let's eavesdrop on their conversation, shall we? :) 

Character Interview with Zack and M.J.

“Hi, Zack, long time no see.  Pull up a chair. How are you?”
Zack sits down on the sofa next to me and pulls his ankle up onto his knee. “I’m hanging in there.  How about you?”
“Busy! But this is about you. First of all, I have to say you were a pleasure and a challenge to write.”
“A challenge?” He laughs and shakes his head. “Why?”
“Because you are not the typical romance hero. You’re not an overly Alpha Male and you don’t run around boasting about your conquests. You also don’t go running after the girl. You’ve got some complicated issues that make you very interesting, though.”
“I’m not sure how to take that…”
“No offense intended, believe me. Personally, I think it’s refreshing to meet a man who’s got challenges in his life. Whenever your passionate side takes over, that quiet control that you have, it’s the most attractive thing about you. You’re more than just eye candy. And what woman doesn’t love a man who’s more than just good looking?”
Zachariah chuckles and his cheeks boast a faint pink. “Thanks for that.”
“You’re welcome. I’ve talked to readers who have read your story and they say one of the things they appreciate about you most is your relationship with your mother. A woman likes to think that if you care about your mother, you will care about her.”
Zachariah smiles. “I don’t know where I’d be without her, especially after losing my dad. My mother sacrificed a lot for me to become the man I am today. I will be grateful for that forever.”
“I have to give it to Ms. Belinda, she taught you well when it comes to how to treat a woman.”
“Respect, honor, cherish, and appreciate,” he recites while ticking off his fingers. “Things a lot of men in my generation tend to forget. I guess that makes me old school, huh?”
“Believe me, no matter what we say or how independent we get, we appreciate it.”
Zachariah tilts his head, questioningly. “So being a hopeless romantic isn’t sappy to you?”
I shake my head. “No, not when it’s coming from the right man.”
He tilts his head back and laughs. “If only it were easy to find the right woman. You know I once thought I’d found her…that perfect woman. It’s funny how life’s challenges can bring out the true character of someone. And the strange thing is, even though I knew how she was, to a degree, I never thought she’d hurt me the way she did.”
I watch as his eyes drift down to his hands, a look of hurt flashing over his face before he slips back to his calm demeanor. “Zack, do you think it’s possible for a man to be so hurt by a woman that he refuses to fall in love again?”
He huffs. “And become jaded…yeah, it’s possible. My story is proof. ”
“So when you met Yasmine, what were your first thoughts?”
He doesn’t hesitate to respond. “Beautiful…conceited…complicated…hot as hell….not worth the time, and out of my league.”
“And yet you were still attracted to her.”
“Like a magnet. It’s hard to explain.”
“But instead of trying to date her, you became her friend?”
A small smile spreads, lighting up his hazel eyes as if he has a secret. “Yeah, I did. Yasmine is a good person. It’s a shame nobody sees it.”
“Do you ever regret becoming her friend?”
His smile fades. “That’s hard to answer because Yasmine is so complicated, MJ.” He stares up at me. “Why do women keep secrets? I can’t help but feel she’s hiding something from me, but I don’t know what it is. Honesty is all I want in a relationship, but it seems I’m asking for too much. Do you keep secrets?
My stare is blank. “Am I supposed to answer that?”
Zachariah smirks and lifts an eyebrow, waiting for my reply.
“I’m a woman, Zack, as you said, we all keep secrets. Would Yasmine’s secret make you change the way you feel about her?”
He hesitates. “I guess we’ll have to find out…”

I have read both of M.J. Kane’s wonderful contemporary romances, and let me tell you, she has a great way of interspersing a fiction story with the perfect amount of reality that you get caught up with the characters as if you know them. The Butterfly Memoirs are about overcoming challenges, trusting in love and friendship, and having the confidence that even if you’re different, you deserve your ‘happily ever after’.

You will meet Zack—our guest from the interview—at the end of Book One of The Butterfly Memoirs and he is the lead character in Book Two. You can learn more about the series by clicking the links below.

Book Two – Jaded

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