After clicking on the first link, Jaynee gasped. Excerpt from SPLIT DECISIONS

This is the last excerpt of chapter one for the follow up novel to the romantic-suspense bestseller, She Belongs to Me. There are a couple spoilers, so if you haven’t read the first book, clink here for more information. 

If you’re still here but missed the first excerpts and want to read the full first chapter, click here. 

Last week Jaynee was wondering who she was...what she wanted...and decided to Google an answer that didn't exist... Or at least she thought...


She attempted another entry, Caycee Jaynee Evans, her entire maiden name. But before she could put the second ‘E’ on Jaynee, Google’s drop down box filled with suggestions for Caycee Jayne. Ever inquisitive, she clicked return without putting the last ‘e’ on her name, allowing Google to run its search. The page exploded, stating millions of results were available.
After clicking on the first link, Jaynee gasped.

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