Winners announced and their comments brought me to tears--good tears! Thank you, Readers!

If you are familiar with RaffleCopter, you know they give contestants several ways to win. I gave readers an easy way to win that I thought would also let me know they read Book One without making them jump through hoops. What I got back in response brought tears to my eyes.

Here are seventeen of the comments left by readers of She Belongs to Me who wanted to win a copy of Split Decisions. What lovely readers I have. They make what I do worth the fifteen-hour days. J

Jo R: The story kept my interest! The love scenes were just enough without going overboard lol, I am so glad that you did a sequel as I have often thought about what happened with Jayne and Jordan. Hopeless romantic that I am!!

Wendy N: The love, suspense everything couldn't put the book down now that I see that you have Split Decision coming out, I can't wait to get it. I have been looking every day.

Tessa J: I loved everything about this book. I love the story & I enjoyed that it wasn't one of those raunchy sex novels. I couldn’t put it down! I would love to win.

Jennifer M: I loved the intense love that they shared and that Jordan never gave up on her. I want split decisions because I bonded with both characters. And I want to continue with their journey.

Cristina A:  Because it rocked and I KNOW SD will rock too!

M.J. K: Because I loved the way the opening of SBTM hooked me and kept me guessing until the end!

Amanda: For sure the who-done-it aspect, I didn't have it easily figured out. Excited for Split Decisions because I love to read Rom Suspense!

Amy R:  I enjoyed the suspense in SBTM as well as Jordan. He wasn't your typical hero, but one that was more "real" than most.

Kerry:  I loved how the book opened up with Jaynee getting shot and went back in time from there. I loved seeing their relationship from the beginning stages.

Marie D:  The genuineness of the male lead

CM: I liked the suspense and in particular the ending.

Arianne S: I love mysteries! Jordan and Jaynee were two interesting & mysterious characters so I want to read more of their lives.

Phuong P: Loved the suspense surrounding this couple. I want to see what happens next.

Ruthie: I like it that Jaynee finally found a man who truly loves her after what she has been through.

Terry G:  I fell in love with YOU!!! Oh..I mean your I mean YOU!!!

Diana D:  Unfortunately and regretfully, I actually have not read 'She Belongs to Me' (so sorry). It's been on my Kindle for awhile now, just haven't gotten to it. I would like to win 'Split Decisions' because even though it's not technically a series, I love it when books that relate to one another.

Lynda D: I love the cover, and I love the way the cover of the new book complements it.

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