Why would an author offer their best seller FREE?

It may sound like a simple answer; but in my case, it's because I want you to read it.

In general, authors write because they love writing. Most of us didn’t just decide in college that this was our career choice; we’ve been writing as long as we could hold a pen.

We were great pen pals, kept diaries, didn’t mind writing our grandmothers a thank you note, passed messages back and forth in school, and usually drove our boyfriends/girlfriends crazy with our four-page love letters.

But there’s one thing almost every writer I know loves more than writing, and that’s ‘being read’. And more importantly, readers reading our writing and then letting us know it touched them.

As most Indie writers, I tend to check my book stats daily. But there’s something I do that proved my above assessment of myself—and I assume other authors—true. When I jump on my PC in the morning to see how my book fares in the notorious Amazon ranking system, if I see there’s a new review, I read it before I do anything else. Sometimes I peek through one eye and see how many stars it received. But even if it’s less than stellar, I confess, I read EVERY review.

I truly care what my readers think, and several of my books are a direct result of reader feedback. I had no plans to write a second installment in the ‘Noonday’ books. But when readers cried out that they didn’t think one of the characters got a fair shake, I complied. The same thing happened with my short stories. Readers said they wanted more, so I listened.  

My first romantic-suspense novel, She Belongs to Me, has sat next to Nicholas Sparks, Iris Johansen, Nora Roberts, and other great authors, many times, so it’s scary when I take my best seller and give it away. But that’s exactly what I do sometimes because I want to meet more wonderful readers such as yourself. No, I don't give away all my books...I do have to eat...but I make sure when I run a giveaway, it's on my bestselling book.

Also, as my gift to you, I ALWAYS offer my short stories FREE to everyone, on all formats. Unlike my Southern Romantic-Suspense Collection, my short stories have a paranormal edge, but if you like them, I'm pretty sure you'll like all my stories, as I always keep the same three ingredients in my book recipes: romance, mystery, and suspense. After that, all my books are always priced 'less than a latte' or available to read FREE with your Kindle Unlimited membership, so you can afford to come back and read them all.

Until next time, happy reading, friends!

Carmen DeSousa

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