Paranoia tore at her assailant's sanity... THE LIBRARY ~ New Release ~ Mystery

The Library (Where Life Checks Out)

When Mark Waters decided to be a detective, he didn't plan to investigate ghosts.

But as he sifts through evidence of a supposed suicide by train, he learns a murder that took place eighty years ago may directly affect his case.

Six months after the strange occurrences at The Depot, there’s another murder. This time, The Library holds secrets of several murders, and the dead won’t rest until the murderer checks out too.

If you haven't read the short story prequel, The Depot, you can download it here free.

Below is an excerpt from The Library, you can skip this excerpt and read the first three chapters here.

~ Excerpt ~

She watched as the thief once again pawed through the books, ever searching. It’d been years, and she’d thought that the murderer would have forgotten all about her family, but evidently seeing Buck had reopened old wounds, trudged up old secrets. But Buck hadn’t known anything.
“What did you do with it, Jessica?” the fiend shouted at the ceiling. As always, she tried to recognize the voice, but voices didn’t sound the same here. Each word came through individually as a slow and fading echo, as if the sound had passed through several chambers in a massive cathedral. “I know it’s here.”
She couldn’t help but wonder if she should answer, but that would be too easy. Hiding and taunting had always been more fun. Watching as the paranoia tore at her assailant’s sanity had provided a modicum of redemption.

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