The snowy-white tendrils of the fog stretched into fingers... THE LIBRARY ~ New Release!

The Library (Where Life Checks Out)

Mark Waters has a dilemma... For some reason, ever since he helped solve his father's murder, he's had an ability to umm...see...ghosts. The problem is, he's never sure what's real or what's in his head, and he's starting to question his sanity.

When he solved the murder at 'The Depot', he'd really hoped that he'd be able to forget what he'd seen. But now, there's another murder. This time, 'The Library' holds secrets, and he seems to be the only person who sees the strange occurrences. Either that, or he's going crazy...

If you haven't read the short story prequel, The Depot, you can download it here free.

Below is an excerpt from The Library, you can skip this excerpt and read the first three chapters here.

~ Excerpt ~

Mark inhaled deeply, relishing in the earthy scent of the library as well as the ever-present fragrance of jasmine. The glabrous green-leafed vines with clusters of white flowers had worked their way through the stone and beveled glass on the second floor of the ancient structure, slipping through the cracks and finding a home among the old books that lined the shelves.
An opaque mist rose from the wood floor and circled his legs, slowly crawling up the lower half of his body. The dense vapor worked its way up his chest, separating into strips of smoke. The snowy-white tendrils of the fog stretched into fingers, then entwined in his hair, surrounding his neck and slowly pulling him toward her.
“Mark…” she whispered in his ear. Her cool breath caressed his neck, sending shivers down his spine.

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