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After 600 reviews averaging 4+ stars, readers have a common comment: Jordan! Possessive or Caring, you decide...


Jordan had his arm latched around her waist. “It sort of reminds me of our first anniversary, the cruise to San Juan, only safer. I never felt comfortable there.”
She laughed. “Exactly where do you feel comfortable?” She leaned back against his chest as they marveled at the street performers who painted and danced for money.
He tightened his grip around her and nuzzled her neck, laughing too. “That’s true. When I have such a precious commodity that I’m in charge of protecting, how can I relax?”
“You’re so silly, Jordan. I don’t think anyone is going to try to run off with me.”
He kissed the top of her head. “They’ll be sorry if they try.”
She sighed. She never had to worry when he was with her. Jordan would always protect her. She’d never fretted wherever they went, even Puerto Rico. She knew nobody would take him on.

After reading the 600-plus reviews--just on Amazon; there are two hundred more on iTunes and B&N--there seems to be a common comment: Jordan! My first beloved male protagonist. 

Some say possessive, some say protective. Some think he’s overbearing, others say, “Where can I get me a 'Jordan'?”

Well, I wrote Jordan, and I know what kind of man he is, so I’ll just say this: Jordan’s a cop. Cops see things differently from the rest of us. How do I know this? Simple, I married a cop!

I'll warn you ahead of time. Jordan's caring, he's romantic, he's a deadly weapon, and he's protective. No, he isn't domineering. No, he doesn't make his woman do strange sexual things. He simply knows what he wants, and he goes after it.

He believes in God, he's a self-made man, he's a southern boy who takes care of his grandmother, mother, and sisters... Do I need to go on?

If he sounds like your type of man, go ahead and download She Belongs to Me. But remember, even though he's a character, he's still a man. And I did title the novel She Belongs to Me for a reason ;)

Oh...and in case you miss the description on the book sites, She Belongs to Me is a romantic-suspense whodunit, which means it has romance, mystery, and a thread of suspense twining throughout the entire novel. So if you don't like your mystery/suspense dipped in deep, rich romance, please don't read, because it's sensual and romantic. Oh, and it's not a Christian book, in fact, some readers have accused me of writing 'mommy porn' (I assure you I don't), but I've also been attacked for sharing my main characters' Christian beliefs. Why...because it lends to the character's--well...character. So, there you have it...all my disclosures. :)

Whew...who knew one character could offend so many people, and yet so many more could fall in love with him. I guess that makes Jordan real. If you're still here and have decided you want to know more, please, by all means, download my first novel; I truly hope you enjoy it. That's the only reason I write, to provide readers with a few hours of escape.

Until next time, happy reading!


She Belongs to Me is available to download absolutely FREE at most major book retailers...


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