Write, read, edit, repeat. Again! Write, read, edit, repeat! A perfectionist will never be perfect.

Some of you have heard me say that, and it’s funny, but it’s also a curse. It’s a sign of obsessive-compulsive behavior, which I have, but fortunately, I have learned to control—to some degree.

My father recognized this trait in me first. He saw that I would rearrange my room, throw away edible desserts, and wad up pages upon pages of notebook paper until I expressed my thoughts clearly.

He lovingly reprimanded me by saying, “A perfectionist will never be perfect.”

Wow, it was a hard lesson, and I don’t think I’ll ever master it, but I’ve learned to just let go, to not expect perfection in my house, my work, or my writing. I’m not perfect, and I never will be, but I will strive for a comfortable area where I do not have to work fifteen hours a day.

Please remember, I said, "try." I am a perfectionist, so I will strive for that elusive perfect anything to grasp on to. But when I don’t meet it, please give me a break; tell me softly, so I don’t agonize over my next step. :)

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  1. Great advice, Carmen! You are an inspiration <3

    1. LOL! I try! They used to lock people like you and me up for OCD and the fact that we talk to our imaginary friends. :)