Am Thinking about #AmWriting. Yes, you're supposed to laugh, but it's true. Read more...

Okay, so if you’re a reader, you might not be laughing, but if you’re an author, I know you must understand this.

Without a doubt, I can knock out a first draft of a 70k-word novel in two months. On any given ‘writing’ day, I can type two to three thousand words, and I work five days a week. Nothat doesn’t mean my manuscript is ready to publish. Far from it! Editing takes another month. Then there’s the beta readers’ feedback, cover design, marketing decisions… Overall, though, most full-time authors can publish a novel every quarter, if they really want to, if they have an idea.

Unlessand here’s the hard part. We have to actually be able to have those productive ‘writing’ days mentioned above. Sadly, I spend so much of my day ‘thinking’ about writing, that I don’t actually write.

Yes, part of my day is spent chatting with readers—I love that—and then I do have to spend some time marketing my book. I also run a couple book blogs where I promote up to six books a day, so that does eat up some of my time too. But if I’m being honest—and not just looking for an excuse not to write—I have my daily routine of chatting and marketing down to two to three hours a day, which leaves me five hours a day to write.

And what am I doing now? I’m writing a blog post about why I’m not writing. It seems I’ll find just about anything to keep me away from writing.


Well, as I said above, I’m ‘thinking’ about writing. It’s not that I don’t want to write. On the contrary, I love writing. Admittedly, I love to write more than just about anything else I do. But...I’m a pantser, and the bad thing about pantsers is that we can’t write an outline. I’ve tried. I swear I have. Nada, Zilch, Zero comes out. So, here I sit. Think, think, thinking about writing. I’ve also read and reread my WIP so many times up to this point that I can almost recite it audibly. I just don’t know where to go with my story, and no, it’s not writer’s block. I have fifteen different ways from sideways that I can go, but I just can’t find my groove.

So, I’ll do what I do every dayreread, take a shower, and hope that the next chapter seeps into my brain. So far, that’s the only cure I’ve found. Even if it takes doing that several days in a row.

Maybe some of you writers out there will have some other words of wisdom for me. Or, maybe I’ll just have made some of you feel better to know that you aren’t the only ones who suffer with this affliction.

And now, back to thinking about #AmWriting. Right after another cup of coffee. :)

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