it really awful, or do we gain knowledge from misfortune? #AmWriting #AmReading

Tragedy draws us closer to God, to family, to loved ones. We love reading novels and watching movies about tragic events, we cannot impede ourselves from rubbernecking an auto accident, we strain our necks to hear about another person’s calamity.

Why do we crave catastrophes? Oh, we say we don’t, but we certainly do. We desire the roller coaster of life, not the merry-go-round. Who wants to read about a faultless relationship, a perfect existence?

Maybe we read about other people's suffering, so that we can appreciate our circumstances in life.

Readers ask: “Why do all your characters experience such tragedy?”

Answer: See above.

Yes, you'll probably shed a tear when you read my novels, but I'll leave you with a smile. 

Until next time, happy reading and writing, my friends.


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