Busting the paranormal myths...one eBook at a time. The Creatus Series ~ #AmReading #PNR

Not all phantoms are myths...

For four thousand years, creatus have concealed themselves from the humans who hunted them almost to extinction.

Now, one rogue creatus faction wants the world to know they exist, and one woman with nothing to lose plans to stop them.

Whatever it takes, she will hunt down and kill the creatus who took her life from her.

This is an excerpt from Book Three in the Creatus Series, which is Coming Soon! If you'd like to start the series from the beginning, you can download the prequel, Creatus (They Exist)here

For those of you who've read the first three stories, you probably know the characters this week. For the rest of you, I'm leaving out the names so there are no spoilers. Happy reading! J

She glanced at him. She understood the concept of protecting others, but she didn’t get how that would help his rebel cause to free creatus everywhere. She liked her anonymity. “How exactly will helping humans and letting them know we exist, help us?”
“We’re setting up the chessboard. When this goes global, humans will be crying out to know who we are and why we’ve been hiding. But...we have to have our key players in top government positions, so that when humans realize what we are, no orders will be given to hunt us down.”
A cool breeze blew her hair in her face. She should have pulled it back. “Why would people or the government hunt us?”
“Why would people…” He broke off in a chuckle. “Well, that’s a silly question. There will always be the gunslingers...the hunters looking for sport. We represent a challenge, and since we’re not human, we’d be fair game in some people’s eyes. Not that I have a problem with hunting, but I only hunt for food. The thought of hunting an animal for sport disgusts me. If we can get the majority of humans on our side, though, they’ll protect us, I’m sure of it. Thankfully, in these times, humans are always looking for a cause to support, unlike hundreds of years ago when they tried to burn some of our kind at the stake. Sadly...they usually murdered innocent non-humans associated with us, since there aren’t many chains strong enough to contain us.”
She smacked her hand over her mouth, then dropped it. “Humans thought creatus were witches?”
“What would you think if you saw a small child jump off the roof of a house? That’s how my dad found out. My brother had knocked the ball up on the roof, and I jumped up to get it.”
“I’m sorry...” She released a long breath. She’d known his father had seen him, but he’d never said what he’d been doing. Playing. Playing with his brother. No wonder the guilt was eating at him all the time. He felt responsible. She didn’t want to upset him, so she decided to reiterate the other half of her question. “And the government, why would they care?”

Oops...only one myth allowed. But...Creatus Eidolon will show how the US government learned of the existence of the creatus race.

The Creatus Series is not your normal paranormal story...it's a realistic twist of the myths you've heard your entire life. Prepare to believe...

Creatus Eidolon is Coming Soon!

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