FREE and Bargain eBooks are like Big Macs… Really... Find out how they compare. #AmWriting #AmReading
As I wrote that line, not only was I reminded of Joe Fox's comment in You've Got Mail about vats of olive oil, but I also realized -- and this is fitting to the post -- not everyone likes Big Macs. Me, eh ... not really, I'd rather have a plain burger, so I pull everything off it. But ... I LOVE their french fries and coffee. I digress ... 

The M in McDonald's is probably the most commonly known trademark throughout the world, and yet, McDonald's advertises
EVERYWHERE! Radio, TV, Twitter, Facebook, your mailbox … 

Yes, even though there's a good chance that you'll go to McDonald's in the near future -- umm … for coffee -- they still pay millions of dollars to bring you into their lair. And one of their most popular draws is the freebie or discount, often called a "loss leader."

Yes, that lure of a free or bargain sandwich is what gets you in the door. Sure, you could just order the Big Mac, but ohhhhthose fries smell so good, and then you know you'll want a nice refreshing soda -- Diet Coke, of course -- to wash it all down. Yep! They gotcha! They know if you come in for the free sandwich, more than likely, you'll go away with more … and there's a good chance, you'll bring a friend … or two.

Well, that's what a free or $0.99 eBook is like. It doesn't mean that the book is the author's number-one bestseller -- like the Big Mac. Authors offer you their bestseller at FREE or $0.99, hoping you'll order the follow-up novel, and maybe even a third. 

I'm not particularly fond of cliffhangers in books … I always like to end the current situation, and then dangle another situation in front of the reader, but even a cliffhanger is like a Big Mac. Sure, you could just have water … but authors hope that once you finish the book, your mouth is watering for something more. Water … love it. But some things, like burgers and pizza, just taste better with a Coke. Wasn’t that a campaign too? 

So, go ahead … as an author, don't be afraid to offer readers a snack. And readers, I always offer a snack. It just seems like a nice way for us to meet. If your mouth doesn’t water for another course, that’s okay. I just hope you enjoy a little escapism on me.

Until next time, happy reading and writing, friends!


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