Writing, marketing, and life...

Often, new authors and readers will ask me a question about writing, marketing, or how I ended up where I am. Inevitably, I usually say, "I wrote a blog about that..." and if I haven't, I try to answer and then say, "I should write a blog about that..." So, here are a few. I hope you find something you can use or that will just make you feel better, as I write about everything that I experience as a reader and a writer, and sometimes, just life. :)

Why I CAN'T discount anything but the first books in my series...even though I'd love to.

Forget the supposed 'writing' rules and write a great story! #AmWriting! 

Life isn't one genre; why should our books be limited to one?

I don’t write YA Books; I write about ‘people’ in my novels, and yet…  

How to 'make' a bestseller...

The Power of the Short Story, why I like to read and write them... 

Some doors we open, some we are shoved through...  

The Battle of the Sexes in Novels, is there a Double Standard? 

Publishing a book is like being Pregnant. 

FAQ - How did you get Published and why Indie?

Volatility next exit. Using your Emotional Rollercoaster to your Advantage. 

The Worst Book Publishing Tip I've Ever Heard! Authors, please do not take this advice. 

What's in a genre, who really decides? 

Why you Should give your Books Away ~ Why you Shouldn’t give your Books Away!

Thank you for stopping by my place and reading my musings. Remember these are just my opinions and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. If you have questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments, and I promise you I will answer.  If you’re curious about what I write, please visit my author page, where you can read all about my novels and short stories.  And hey, I’ll even give you a free book just for stopping by. As always, happy reading and writing, friends.


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  1. Love this post, Carmen with all the wonderful analogies. It really strikes a chord. Thanks for sharing!
    S.J. Francis

    1. Thank you for stopping by, S.J. I just read and commented on your post on Carole Avila's blog. I hope you enjoy some of these articles. I simply post my thoughts and experiences about whatever I'm dealing with in my writing, marketing, or just life sometimes. Hopefully I've already encountered whatever situation you might be dealing with in the wonderful world of books and my thoughts might give you some ideas. If you didn't see a post that pertained to something you've come across, by all means, please let me know. If I haven't written something about it, I'd love to. I'm always looking for ideas. :)